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Tea with Mrs Michelle Obama at The White House


Historic White House Visit (USA) - Meeting Mrs Michelle Obama

This project saw ten secondary school children, travel to The White House in Washington D.C. USA, to meet, First Lady,  Mrs Michelle Obama. They won an essay-writing contest which fielded entries from across all the senior schools across Islington, The Project was managed by Director of Bright Futures 4 All, Karen Bryson, in partnership with Cambridge Education Associates (Part of the Mott McDonald Group) and Islington Council for Black History Month.


Sports & Science Holiday Clubs
/ Free School Meals

This Easter and Summer School Programs is funded by the (DfE). The scheme, aimed to help children and parents (particularly those on free school meals)  to eat more healthily, be more active, stay safe and have greater knowledge of health and nutrition, to tackle childhood obesity. This initiative supported the development of resilience, character and well being in families.

Stay 'n' Play Provision

This community based education and therapeutic support programme, is currently located in Croydon's Broad green area - one of the highest areas of deprivation in the UK. We aim to meet the needs of all children in our community, where 65% of Croydon's under 25 population are BAME. We support both LAC (Looked-After Children) and non-LAC, who are in need of play-based therapy, within a secure, Ofsted registered, educational setting throughout the day and weekends. Our 2-adults to 1 child service, based on the Early Learning Goals, is set-up for KS1/lower KS2 aged children (under 8 years-old), who have experienced significant trauma and have 'high needs'.


Support for SEND/non-SEND Pupils & Parents

We provide quality, Maths, English and science support for school-aged children and their parents. We aim to support neuro-diverse members for the local community. As well as school-aged children, this includes working with dyslexic adults, many of whom we are supporting to improve their literacy and numeracy skills, in preparation for promotion opportunities in their field of work (e.g.) care-workers in local nursing homes.

In 2023 we have launched Croydon's first ever SEND After-School Club! SEND children are nurtured and supported by trained adults and young mentors with an SEND diagnosis.


Raising Hope: Strenghtening The Next Generation Of Leaders

This initiative aimed to bring out the potential for leadership in a group of despondent Ks4 students. Purposeless Croydon students, found inspiration and hope on this weekly Saturday programme (summer term). All pupils earned an invitation to a networking day of inspirational speakers, meeting captain’s of industry, at The Aleto Foundation’s, National Leadership programme for graduates at BT’s headquarters in Central London.


Reach Society FREE Careers Conversation

In April 2021, for the third year running, our director, Mrs Bryson, arranged for a large number of Year 9, 10 and 11 are to attend the annual Careers Conference organised by the Reach Society. The group is run by leading UK AfroCaribbean male professionals and entrepreneurs to provide guidance and opportunity for growth to the students.

This year, their 4-day careers conference included: Alpha BSE Training, Brunel, HS2 & The RAF Supporters: Deloitte, Durham University, Glasgow University, HarperCollins, HS2, Jesus College Oxford, Kilburn & Strode LLP, Met Police, Network Rail, Open University, Zurich Insurance et al Amos Bursary, Cowrie Scholarship Foundation, RAFFA.

Talking Cure For Parents
(Mentoring & Counselling)

Bright Futures 4 All and I ( Vjosa Rizaj) offered an opportunity for mothers to partake in group therapy. A programme that was funded by  Croydon Commitment. This service was offered to women who were mothers or carers, who needed a space for themselves and needed some emotional support. The group therapy took place from January to May 2020 for 10 weeks and lasted for 2 hours.

Kids Playing Soccer

Grass2Grades - A sports & maths programme 

In partnership with cre8 football (a not for profit sports organisation based in croydon and lambeth), we launched a pilot project, grass2grades. The aim of this innovative project was increasing the confidence, enjoyment and academic achievement of many primary school aged boys. We supported the progression of young footballers, through additional Maths tutoring before each football training session. This was at the crucially time in their learning, ahead of them transitioning into secondary school. We offer children the opportunity to take part in positive physical activity by creating an environment where children can learn, develop and enjoy.


International Summer School

This international youth exchange programme has taken place in Central London for 10 years (2019). For one week, Danish teenagers from a town called Koge, in Denmark, spend their mornings learning English, and their afternoons touring London’s most iconic landmarks and places of interest. British students support the programme through exchange opportunities, where they tour museums, galleries and libraries. Both students cross-exchange information about their hobbies, interests and knowledge of each others popular culture (literature, music, film and art).


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Biennial Report & Case Study 2021-2023

As you peruse our Biennial Report & Case Study 2021-2023, you'll gain insight into Bright Futures 4 All's accomplishments in the last two years. Our report highlights the success of our students, unique curriculum, and our dedicated team of certified educators. We've made great strides in achieving our goal of providing flexible, high-quality online homeschooling to students across the country, and we're proud to share our progress with you.

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