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Changing lives through the talking cure

Bright Futures 4 All and I (Vjosa Rizaj) offered an opportunity for mothers to partake in group therapy. A programme that was funded by  Croydon Commitment. This service was offered to women who were mothers or carers, who needed a space for themselves and needed some emotional support. The group therapy took place in 2020 for 10 weeks.

Vjosa Rizaj (BSc, MA, MBACP)

"Group therapy is a way for clients to help realise that they are not alone. It helps clients relate to others in healthier ways. It gives space to clients to give and receive support. It helps clients find their voice and lastly, it provides a safety net. The work I witnessed was the clients coming together, connecting, seeking support and feedback from each other, whilst under the leadership of myself as a trained psychotherapist. For many people, the thought of group therapy can be more powerful and mutative than individual therapy. This was proven with these ladies!

Vjosa Rizaj - 2020

Testimony 1

“I started the course feeling very apprehensive, anxious and not necessarily wanting to fully engage with the project. Karen & Vjosa made arrangements to help accommodate my needs, they went over and above. I felt lost, helpless with no outlet to express myself. The course has really helped to change me and my perspective on life, I have gained life changing skills and support at a very difficult period within my life. I will always be grateful for help and support given to me”

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