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Christ's Story

"Miss Diallo, helped me to learn onomatopoeia and helped me to get better in my English work and in Maths. When I found something difficult she always taught me a better way to understand. I am now confident in my studying and when I don't understand I will do the method that she taught me. "


Cara's Story

Cara has gained huge confidence over the last 2 years in her English skills while being in BF4ALL. In GCSE's her levels have increased from a predicted grade 3 to grade 5.


Joel's Story

Joel joined Mrs Bryson's 11+ Class and made significant improvement, passing both English and Maths and meeting the criteria for all three grammar school's of his choice. He accepted Wilsons Grammar school in March 2021.



Christian, Ethan & Grace's Story

Mrs Bryson and her staff at Bright Futures 4 All were such a massive blessing to us and our children. Our three children benefited greatly from the different services that Bright Futures 4 All offer. Our 5 year old daughter and 10 year old son were enrolled in the virtual day school. Our 10 year old son also attended the evening 11+ tuition classes which were brilliant.

Our 5 year old daughter was able to finish a year ahead due to the level of teaching and support she received, the fact that everything was online it was remarkable how well organised and effective the learning was.

The 10 year old loved attending the regular bible study group where all the children were encouraged to lead praise and worship and share their love of God. His confidence has grown so much. Our 12 year old had after school maths tuition which he loved, his tutors were brilliant, they were very patient and good at breaking questions right down to their simplest forms so he could understand. He actually looked forward to his maths classes!


Christiana's Story
Bright futures 4 all helps failing student reignite her faith and achieve her dream

In her own words, Christiana gave an emotional account of how her parents' divorce triggered a change in her behaviour and academic achievements. Christiana went from being a top performer to almost being suspended in a new secondary school. But, thanks to mentoring from our organisation, BF4ALL, three years later, she turned her life around and secured a 100% Bursary from Epsom College.

Academic brilliance - 100% Bursary secured for Epsom College


Abi's Mother
West Thornton Primary School, Croydon

“After 12 months of Abi being tutored by BF4ALL, she hugely developed in all areas of her English, as well as maths. This was in spite of her missing a year’s schooling. We are delighted that Abi secured a place at Wallington County Grammar Girls school”.


Emmanuelle's Mother
Oasis Secondary Academy Coulsdon

“When I approached BF4ALL, my year 10 son Emmanuelle, was predicted a ‘D’ grade in his English GCSE. After 12 months of 1-to-1 tuition, my son sat his GCSE and was 3 marks away from an ‘A’ grade. He is now more confident and completing the A’ levels of his choice at his 1st choice sixth form”.


Adams's Mother
Cranmer Primary School, Mitcham

“Since Adam started your school, I have seen a significant improvement in his English. He is more confident, especially with his writing. He use to have to think for a long time, now he’s quicker. His ability to comprehend what he is reading has also improved.”



Graham Smith
Managing Director, The EAL Academy

“Karen is an amazingly imaginative and resourceful project and events manager. She combines attention to detail with creativity and flair. She delivers high profile and memorable events on low budgets.”


Patrick Clarke
Director of Network Operations, UK Power Networks

“EDF Energy has financially sponsored Karen’s projects on a number of occasions over the past few years, because we knew that her reliability, integrity and ability to deliver meant that EDF Energy’s association with her programmes would enhance our brand. Karen is highly recommended.”


Lela Kogbara
Assistant Chief Executive,
Islington Council

“Karen made a really positive contribution to Islington in so many ways, including as a parent governor for one of the schools. From my point of view, Karen’s tour de force was Black History Month, which she took to another level. She made links with people across the spectrum of education, arts, science, religion and politics;, as well as the globe - resulting in a trip to The USA White House, at the invitation of Mrs Michelle Obama. I would strongly recommend Karen.”

Community Projects

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