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Mrs. Karen Bryson

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Karen Bryson is an Educationalist, entrepreneur and BBC-trained broadcast journalist. After beginning a fifteen-year career in the media, at the Voice newspaper in 1989, she worked both nationally and internationally in broadcasting. When she became a mother, Karen re-trained as a teacher and taught across the higher, further, primary and secondary education sectors, before taking up leadership roles in education, as a consultant and entrepreneur. In 2007, Karen set up her own ‘not-for-profit' company: Bright Futures 4 All. Her strategic and operational work for Bright Futures has included addressing educational under-attainment among diverse school-aged children from deprived inner-city areas. This work has taken her to The White House in 2010, at the invitation of America’s First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama.

Unity In Diversity

Karen’s passion for working in the education sector is fuelled by years of providing diverse education services, within mixed inner-city London communities (both state and private schools). She is dedicated to raising the attainment of children through education that is inspiring and culturally relevant. She loves sharing her passion for current affairs and her Faith with children, as well as promoting community cohesion within her work This has included securing capital to add value to school communities with limited social mobility. 

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Championing All Children

Karen is passionate about the need to provide parents with invaluable guidance about the British education system. Her specialism is supporting parents with SEN children to secure the best support and thus the best outcomes for their neurodiverse children. Her goal is to empower parents by giving them access to quality information and resources for them to meet their children's education and well-being needs. Karen’s hobbies and interests include a love of the performing arts, art-house films, walking and reading - especially writings inspired by the scriptures and spending time with her husband Lloyd and sons, Alexandre and Joshua. 

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