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We provide a range of education and community services to improve the well-being of local families. We are committed to the development of our local communities and offer a range of support services:


This project saw 10 secondary school children, who entered an essay-writing contest from schools around across Islington travel to The White House (Washington D.C. USA) to meet Mrs Michelle Obama (First Lady 2008-2016). The Project was managed by Director of Bright Futures 4 All, Karen Bryson, in partnership with Cambridge Education Associates (Part of the Mott McDonald Group) and Islington Council for Black History Month.

Project Management

For community events

Work Place Skills Training


Professional Development and Mentoring

Adults, young people and children strengthen


This initiative aimed to bring out the potential for leadership in a group of despondent Ks4 students. Purposeless Croydon students, found inspiration and hope on this weekly Saturday programme (summer term). All pupils earned an invitation to a networking day of inspirational speakers, meeting captain’s of industry, at The Aleto Foundation’s, National Leadership programme for graduates at BT’s headquarters in Central London.

Funded by the (DfE), the scheme, aimed to help children and parents (particularly those on free school meals)  to eat more healthily, be more active, stay safe and have greater knowledge of health and nutrition, to tackle childhood obesity. This initiative supported the development of resilience, character and well being in families.



We provide affordable Maths, English and science support for school-aged children and their parents. We aim to support neuro-diverse members for the local community. This includes working with adult dyslexic care-workers, who are in local nursing homes.


This international youth exchange programme has taken place in Central London for 10 years (2019). For one week, Danish teenagers from a town called Koge, in Denmark, spend their mornings learning English, and their afternoons touring London’s most iconic landmarks and places of interest. British students support the programme through exchange opportunities, where they tour museums, galleries and libraries. Both students cross-exchange information about their hobbies, interests and knowledge of each others popular culture (literature, music, film and art).

Bright Futures 4 All and I ( Vjosa Rizaj) offered an opportunity for mothers to partake in group therapy. A programme that was funded by  Croydon Commitment. This service was offered to women who were mothers or carers, who needed a space for themselves and needed some emotional support. The group therapy took place from January to May 2020 for 10 weeks and lasted for 2 hours.
Group therapy is a way for clients to help realise that they are not alone. It helps clients relate to others in healthier ways. It gives space to clients to give and receive support. It helps clients find their voice and lastly, it provides a safety net. The work I witnessed was the clients coming together, connecting, seeking support and feedback from each other, whilst under the leadership of myself as a trained psychotherapist. For many people, the thought of group therapy can be more powerful and mutative than individual therapy. This was proven with these ladies!


Testimony 1:

“I started the course feeling very apprehensive, anxious and not necessarily wanting to fully engage with the project. Karen & Vjosa made arrangements to help accommodate my needs, they went over and above. I felt lost, helpless with no outlet to express myself. The course has really helped to change me and my perspective on life, I have gained life changing skills and support at a very difficult period within my life. I will always be grateful for help and support given to me”

Testimony 2:

I am a Foster Carer caring for a young boy along with my siblings caring for my elderly mother. I am from a high achieving, professional family whom have been critical of my profession in the past, not crediting it with the respect it deserves.

I was going through a bad patch when I came to the group, feeling burnt out with no relief in sight; the young boy’s behaviour was extreme and I asked for help however I was not being heard by my fostering agency, at that time. Demands seemed to be coming from all angles.

Vjosa, the group counsellor, helped us to reflect on why and what we were doing, triggers and how it made us feel emotionally; pointing us towards what was helpful for our personal understanding and development. With the help of the other group members and Vjosa, I started to work on myself. I was able to see more clearly and make connections, some surprising ones that I probably could not have made on my own so quickly, and was able to see the wood through the trees. It felt like a door had opened and sunlight had flooded in.

I was able to make some fundamental changes in my life and in myself there was a big shift. I advocated for my youngster to be assessed and a learning disability was found; I was recognised by my fostering agency for good work done and was promised the support so desperately needed. The group supported me and were so accepting and respectful and I am grateful to them.

I would like to say a massive thank you to the wonderful ladies of the group for their down to earth practical help; Vjosa for imparting her insight, vast experience and knowledge and to Karen who started the project – you identified a real need in parents/carers to be listened to and came to the rescue.


Testimony 3:

“Firstly, thank you for your professionalism and insight during these counselling sessions which just finished today I was in a privileged position to be able to attend because I am not currently working. I thought Vjosa ran the sessions well, Vjosa was very professional and kept on bringing us back on topic if we straight away. I really liked the way we were able to explore about ourselves as individuals and Vjosa very gently reflected back to us what you picked up in and gave us food for thought. Vjosa handled the different members of the group well and drew out quieter one. I myself received a lot from the group, I have been challenged about how I see myself and how others perceive me. Particular mindsets have been brought out and I have had the opportunity to reflect on who I am as an individual and how/why I react the way I do. I felt safe to tell my story in the group and your insight into my past helped me think about thing in more depth. Vjosa has given me things to work on for the future. Which will keep me growing. Thank you again and all the best”

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