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AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2021 Newsletter

As I write this, we are a few weeks away from the launch of our new school: Hillel Park School. For further information visit our website.

Meanwhile, our summer school is in full swing in the beautiful Surrey hills (Sunnydown school - Caterham-on-the-hill). We are so grateful to the Head Paul Jensen and his team, for affording us the opportunity to enjoy his school facilities, which includes an outdoor gym designed for children; As well as our partners, Croydon Council and Kiwanis Croydon club. This is our opportunity to showcase the kinds of quality provision we will be hosting in our forthcoming school - Hillel Park School.

As welcome to the end of what has been a busy and successful academic year, this summer issue is an opportunity for us to celebrate our students many achievements. Our greatest cheers go to those students who have overcome the biggest barrier to most learning progress - confidence!!! This includes testimonies from parents on their chidlren's progress (William's Journey...) and our 5-week pilot programme 'Grass-2-Grades with Cre8 Football academy. Alongside a synopsis of our Virtual Day School, school trips and end of year party.

William's Journey to Maths Confidence

"Thank you so much to Bright Futures 4 All for all your help with Will.

My son needed help with his maths following a disrupted year 7 at secondary school and we were referred to Bright Futures 4 All by a friend. They understood his needs and quickly put a plan in place. Ayo, the maths tutor was great with Will. He was patient, understanding and gave positive reassurance when needed.

Will has significantly progressed with his grades in assessments at school and will be moving up a set when returning to school in September. Not to mention he has grown in confidence in his own ability.

Working remotely via zoom, was ideal as it provided a quiet one-to-one environment that meant he was comfortable in his surroundings and was not distracted by others.

I would not hesitate to use Bright Futures 4 All again in the future and would recommend it to others that need to give their children a little extra support. Thank you so much"

- Clare Davis, Mother of 1

End of Year Leaving Party

To celebrate our virtual school students hard work and wish our beloved Ainabe family a farewell, we had an end of the year leaving party on our last Friday together.

Lots of healthy snacks, fruits and cookies were made by the children! Everyone had a great time as the children presented their last presentations and baked gingerbread and shortcake biscuits.

The children received their end of year certificates followed by a concert from our talented children: Gaius, Gabriella-Rose and Ethan’s guitar, along side a singing concert.

We at Bright Futures 4 All, are incredibly proud of all our special children and wish everyone the very best.

We hope the children remember us and our morning prayer:

Dear Father God,

I am the head and NEVER the tail.

I am above only and NEVER beneath.

I am first and NEVER last.

I am Unique. I am ( your name)

I am special – God makes no mistakes.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


Wall of Fame

A round of a applause for all the Bright Futures ahead of our Virtual School graduates!

Summer School 2021

Our 2021 Summer School Programme has started!

We are delighted to offer children the chance to learn more about science, a subject that is often so challenging, in a fun and immersive way in the beautiful Sunnydown school. We are also offering - incredible sports coaches from cre8football, talented drama and dance sessions delivered by Fabienne from B.A.E.Tand our creative arts and crafts. It has been great to see the children learning and growing in our Summer Science/Sports and Fun Club! A huge thank you to our partners: Croydon Council and Kiwanis Club of Croydon.

To join the remaining weeks of our science summer school programme or our 11+ assessment classes, click below and book a place. Please note places for new year 2 to year 4 are only available to weeks 2 and 3 (ending on the 13th August).

Arts and Culture

We are so grateful to have had the pleasure to nurture our children's curiosity and sense of adventure with our Friday's Arts and Culture Days! The children enjoyed learning and exploring new topics on all our activities and trips this year.

On our last Arts and Culture Friday, we had a big trip to Brighton beach! The children had a great time visiting the town and applying their knowledge at the beach. As they worked together to build river stems and create a natural water system while getting their hands dirty!

"The children absolutely enjoyed working together and problem-solving while creating impressive water systems!"

- Mrs Cambell

Hillel Park School at Nationwide Croydon!

Join us at Nationwide Building Society in George Street, Croydon to learn more about Hillel Park School and help us raise funds!

Hillel Park School offers a high-quality, non-denominational education, in an innovative hybrid model. Our mission is to democratise access to high-quality education and nurture the next generation of future leaders. By demonstrating and using our values: faith, love, service and resilience we aim to raise successful and professional pupils.

Grass2Grades - A sports & academic programme

- partner Cre8football

Cre8 Football is a not-for-profit football organisation based in Croydon and Lambeth. Offering children the opportunity to take part in positive physical activity by creating an environment where children can learn, develop and enjoy. They have been working with children and young people, predominantly aged between 5 to 14 years old, since 2015 to meet sporting, social and educational needs.

The pilot project Grass2Grades aims to increase the confidence, enjoyment & academic achievement of the participants. In partnership with Bright Futures and Cr8football, we supported the progression of young footballers, as they transition into secondary school. The pilot project took the drive and enthusiasm children have in the sports field, to the classroom where Bright Futures 4 all, has helped them score their academic goals!

To find out more about Grass2Grades and Cre8 Football, visit their website

Thank you for reading! Follow us for more updates.

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