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Promoting Lifelong Learning

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Who is Bright Futures For All?

Founded by Director Mrs Karen Bryson, Bright Futures 4 All offers affordable bespoke and ready-made education services, supporting adults and children to achieve extraordinary results in their lives.

"It takes a village to raise a child"

Inspired by this African Proverb, we believe that the successful upbringing of a child is a community effort. The responsibility for raising a child is shared with the extended family (neighbours, friends, schools and corporations). This communal approach is at the heart of our services.
make a difference in education
Education tutoring promoting lifelong learning

A brief history

The company was originally founded in 2007 to promote greater equality of educational opportunities. We see education as a tool for greater economic empowerment. As a CIC (Community Interest Company) we deliver a range of excellent and affordable services to adults, children and their parents.

Our Services

Tutoring Maths English 11+ education

English & Maths Tutoring

Set up originally in 2008, Bright Futures 4 All and BF4ALLschools, provides a personalised and holistic service in the crowded world of tutoring.
community education

Community Projects

We work with a range of public, as well as private sector organisations to improve the general well-being of their service users.
business and international English

International English

Since 2007, we have delivered bespoke English language tutoring to groups of International students.
coaching and mentoring

Executive Coaching

A range of customised programmes, tailored to individual needs, whether business coaching, attitude development, career coaching or life skills.

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